Improve client satisfaction.

Your customers will know you BEFORE you know them. 

Reputation Management for Melbourne Brands

It's all about Trust.

You are getting only one chance of making that first impression. A negative article in Google or a low star rating makes a huge negative impact. You can struggle to gain new customers and often loses them to a competitor.

Online reputation management is vital today in the online world. Everyone who is trying to buy online is researching for your reputation. It can be your own reputation or of your brand. Same applies to your products and services too. You need to take control now to apply reputation management in your marketing plan. Reputation management will provide the power to control your information available online.

Reputation Quote

50% to 70% of all customers check online reviews before making a decision to buy. 80% of online users say that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.

You have to watch and track your online reputation. Your presence on the internet is just not enough to get potential customers. Your presence with positive reviews makes customers eager to buy from you. We take a proactive approach by creating your positive online presence. Accomplishing it using SEO techniques along with social media marketing. If you want to increase lead generation and grow your business online, you have to use reputation management as a priority and take control.

You also have to take the important approach and talk to your existing customers. Your current customers would be happy to leave a review online for the great services that you may have provided to them. You have to make it easy and show the path for them to leave reviews. Don't think they will find Google and Facebook profiles of yours to leave reviews but you need to provide them with the direct link. This is not a 'one-time' thing but this has to be a part and parcel of your everyday marketing plan.

Key Facts

85% of people use Internet to find local businesses and 16% do it every week.

25% of search engine results for top 20 largest brands in the world are user-generated content.

92% of online users read product reviews.

89% of online visitors reveal that reviews influence their buying decisions.

Benefits of Online Reviews

Understand and Better Serve Your Consumers.

Improve Rankings for SEO purpose.

Allow Consumers to Have a Voice and Create Consumer Loyalty.

Create Consumer Engagement

Reviews Breed More Reviews.

Reputation Management with SEO

Reputation management falls short without SEO. Why you may ask. It's because there is not point of creating and managing positive image online if no one can find it! When you create and develop a brand message, we help optimise and circulate your message so that they appear higher in search results. In return, SEO reputation management makes your brand more visible to online consumers.


Testimonials are a huge part of this process. There are many ways to improve your strategy for testimonials. Testimonials with a photograph are more effective than a written endorsement. Well, video testimonials are even better than that. But you do not get this appreciation without asking and this needs to be incorporated in your business plan.

The odds are that your customers may make a video themselves but what if you offer them this service at no cost. They will be more than happy to help you. Testimonials build up your case and make it strong.

Your online reputation and brand awareness is getting stronger. You can use it at various places on your website or use it on social media to brag about yourself. A satisfied customer is the best person to approach and get you reputed.

Review Management

What if your business already have negative reviews online? What is the best possible way to handle it? It is a very important subject to discuss and find out what made them leave negative reviews.

You may offer them good service, free products or something extra to compensate. You need to maintain your reputation intact and tightly guarded.

When someone leaves a bad review, it becomes emotional but you are not alone.

Every company that has run under the roof has got one and they have moved on and so should you. It is impossible to please everyone but never overreact. You should tackle it with tact and professionalism.

You need to maintain more positive reviews than negative ones. You will be in good position if you do so and actually, your business will shine. Show people how to take and digest all the comments, bad or good, to heart and care for your customers. If you do not respond to negative reviews, like many other businesses, then it will hurt your lead generation process.

Akvitek is aware of all the issues related to reputation management. We are able to do this for you on autopilot. We assist you in communicating with your existing clients and getting their feedback. We track your brand, personal identity or products/services and we get notified every time. Whenever a bad review is placed on your business online, we take immediate action upon notification to ensure you remain clean, online.

Don't leave your online reputation to chance. Take control of your online presence.