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You probably searched for SEO Melbourne related keywords to land on this page. That is exactly the same journey Akvitek as a SEO company specialise in.

Our digital marketing agency improves your online exposure, brand identity, and search engine visibility.

Are you tired of wasting money on companies that cannot produce results for you?

It's all too common yet we're one of the few trusted agencies who are proficient in providing measurable achievements within the first few months with cost-effective solutions to get you on top of Google and improve your website's online presence.

Our process involves technical site audits for your business website, deep keyword research, thorough competitive analysis and authority link building.

We work with any reasonable budget that is enough to accept customised solutions. We work with a small or a large company, be it for local SEO, nationwide SEO or eCommerce, and Google 3-pack Maps SEO, social media marketing, web development, content marketing services, conversion rate optimisation,  we have got you covered.

What separates us from our competition is REAL RESULTS.

We compete in some of the toughest niches online and our own rankings speak for themselves. It's essential to understand, that SEO Melbourne is an investment and not a short term expense. It's not a sprint but a marathon.

Get in touch with our SEO experts today and see how we customise search engine optimisation services to suit your interests and needs. We innovate and implement successful SEO strategy for companies Australia wide that will help achieve higher Google rankings to get higher conversion rates from the new website visitors.

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Results driven SEO Agency in Melbourne

SEO Melbourne services to boost brand identity, revenue and exposure.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO Melbourne services provide enhanced visibility for all businesses.

National SEO

National SEO services for the companies requiring to capture visitors from all over Australia.

E-Commerce SEO

Technical and logical optimization for websites that sell products and services online.

Maps 3-Pack SEO

Rank your storefront or office in local 3-pack maps results on the top page.

Why choose Akvitek as your preferred SEO company?

More Targeted Website Traffic

More than 85% of people go online to search for a product or service they are looking for. Search engines are now important in the research and finding appropriate services. Many Australians are now buying products and services online. Those days are gone where you and I used to browse Yellow Pages and direct mail.

SEO MelbourneOnline referrals have become common to believe and this also helps in increase in sales nationally. However, this cannot be achieved without SEO optimised website and in some cases through Pay Per Click or social media campaign.

Studies show that top 3 rankings account for the most traffic from search engines. It has the capability to multiply your traffic as it accounts for more than 70% of clicks in an online search.

When you run a PPC campaign, you can increase the traffic but you will also increase the price that you pay to Google. With it, you might exhaust your marketing budget soon. You need to also monitor your pricing every day.

You can opt for Pay Per Click when you have got the Cost Per Lead statistics ready. It is also an essential marketing medium. 20-25% of clicks in search engine results go to Pay Per Click advertisers. 

Upon successful tests, we arrived at a conclusion that if you opt for SEO and Pay Per Click both, then you can increase traffic by 20% as compared to going for SEO alone.

The other source of traffic from search engines is through Google Business Local Pages. It applies to local storefronts and shops. This is not applicable for E-commerce businesses. Google is providing high priority to local listings and it alone can dominate page 1 of search results.

These alone can increase traffic and lead to increased sales. This means that if you are not showing up in search results you are losing business to your competition.

Convert Qualified Leads

To receive targeted visitors and traffic to your website, SEO and Pay Per Click are essential. They must be within your marketing campaign. Your website should have potential to convert the visitors.

SEO agencyThey should make calls and buy services or submit email inquiries. This process is what we call it as generating leads from the traffic. You'd always want best-qualified lead and not any poor lead. Qualified leads are those ones who get converted to make a sale.

Akvitek has enough experience to design high converting websites and enhance your brand image online.

When you hire Akvitek as your preferred SEO company in Melbourne, you are not hiring any typical SEO agency. We have proven online marketing strategies to market your brand globally. Akvitek manages all facets of an online sales process.

First, we define the strategy based on your requirements, niche, and competition. Then we use it to drive you forward and win the search engine game.

Our team strives to strengthen your sales process online. We position you to handle all the sales possible from your website. Lead generation and its management can either make or break your strategy, so we have to be vigilant.

Drive more sales with search engine optimisation

There is a very simple formula to understand in order to increase sales.

Increased quality traffic = Increased quality leads = Increased sales.

SEO reportThe formula is easy but walking on its path isn't. You always get quality traffic through SEO and PPC campaign. You get the best traffic possible when your website gets higher rankings. You are in front of people searching for the services that you provide.

They are searching to buy your services and products or else they won't be searching for it. Yet, the critical part is your website and the SEO content written therein. It also boils down to your promise to visitors and authenticity of a product/service.

Only one company can be on the top of the leaderboard in search engines. The first listing company can secure the most (roughly 60%) of the traffic for a given search term. We are here to rank your website for your chosen keywords in organic search listings.

We outrank many SEO competitors in the same niche in Melbourne and we can do the same for you in your niche as well. We get targeted traffic and Akvitek as a SEO company Melbourne can rank your website.

You leave the ranking to us and think of ROI. Continue using our economical services as long as you get a positive return on investment. You may upgrade to achieve better exposure through various other channels.