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    We are all about making user-friendly and creative web designs. Melbourne businesses trust our innovative expertise.

    Your website acts as a "face of your business" online. So whether you are looking for a website that supplements your primary revenue source or you are after an e-commerce business, your website can either attract the potential customers or drive them away.

    Poorly designed websites don't fit right to the visitor and they are highly unlikely to place enough trust in your business to make a purchase or give you an inquiry which means no conversions.

    Your website's design is the reflection of your business and in order to make it reputable, you need it to be perfect and in alignment with your visitor's clear thoughts. You need to pay enough attention to web design irrespective of your objective and it can only be achieved by investing with a superior web design company.

    Akvitek is a full-service Australian web design company based in Melbourne specialising in designer websites that achieve the objectives of our clients. We help clients in Melbourne, and across Australia to stand out from their competition with highly functional web design meant to increase leads and conversions.

    Types of Website Design

    What do you need from your website for your business? This is the question we ask you always before embarking on designing and building a site, mobile website or an app.

    It is not a small question and requires enough thought process. At times, you may not know the answer to it but once you have established your needs, we get to deliver you the best aesthetic web design with great 'look and feel' of it. Here is what we offer:

    Visual Web Design

    If you have in-house development team, you might just want to hire us to provide you with visual design of your site. You can do the coding upon submission of wire-frame, user-interface design and style. Deliverables include Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator files, fonts and graphics.

    Mobile Web Design

    Nowadays, consumers are using smartphones and tablets to get information and they could reach your website, then you should give them the most optimised experience possible by designing a responsive website that load quickly and looks great on smaller screens.

    Web Copywriting

    Few businesses already are aware what they want to say on their website while some don't. If you happen to be in the latter camp, we will write for your company with the words that may elude you. We can also work to get you found in search results with our highly regarded SEO services.

    Domain / Hosting

    We provide domain name registration along with affordable and one of the fastest hosting in Australia through Amazon servers. Minimum domain registration period for Australia is two years and hosting is charged yearly.

    Ongoing Site Maintenance

    If you do not have time to manage your site or do not have in-house development team, then we make it easy for you to manage your website through our own development team. We maintain your site and will make updates as often as you need 'em.

    E-Commerce Website

    Do you wanna sell products or services online? If so, you need our e-commerce solution. We design the site to provide better user experience and increase sales. We use conversion optimisation techniques to get your visitors to turn into customers.

    Our partners and expertise


    Get Responsive

    Website is critical for defining your presence online. Even the smallest website have large impact on the success in the market. Businesses cannot go far by just building one-page site or a website made from a free website builder. Web has evolved and the way companies now prioritise quality design for their sites have drastically changed.


    All the features you need

    Professional and affordable website solution for small and medium businesses

    • Email subscription
    • Contact form
    • Content management system
    • Printable coupons
    • Event calendar
    • Custom design
    • Blog
    • Audio slide show
    • Gallery
    • Video Backgrounds
    • Interactive maps
    • E-commerce shopping cart
    • Secure credit card checkout
    • Payment integrations
    • Copywriting
    • Appointment setup
    • Logo design
    • News and announcements
    • Mobile friendly browsing
    • Search box
    • Project portfolio
    • Podcasting player
    • Order history
    • Online applications
    • Statistics
    • Virtual tour
    • Weather
    • Web hosting
    • Domain registration
    • File sharing
    • Facebook Integration
    • Instagram widgets
    • Latest tweet box
    • Pinterest share
    • Share on social media
    • Slideshows
    • Sliders
    • PDF integration
    • Online brochure
    • Logical navigation
    • Sleek design

    This list in no way encompasses every feature as every new project brings us a new feature request. We love you to bring your own feature and we will be more than happy to incorporate it into your new website.

    Our web design process

    Step 1 - Initial Consultation

    We normally ask few questions when we first meet our new client. These questions are designed to understand your mindset, your preferences about style, look and feel of your website. We also want to know the reason for you to make your website and how it is going to be worthy for your business. We would also like to know about your prospects and customers or website visitors and their expectations from your new site. Even if you find your website interesting but if it doesn't become useful to your customers then it won't do much good to your business. Here are some the questions you can expect to be asked:


    • What niche are you into?
    • Who are your main competitors?
    • How different are you from your competition?
    • What is your goal, achievement and expectations from your website?
    • Which are the websites that you currently like design-wise and why?
    • What functionalities would you like to be on your website?
    • How fast do you need your website?


    Once we get your answers to above and few other questions, we are ready to move onto the next phase of web design process.

    Step 2 - Niche Research

    Once we have known the needs and requirements of your website, we are off to perform research. This phase entails a plan of action based on visitor's profile, your competition in the market and your needs. We research on what works within your niche, and we also look at other websites within your niche on what they are doing wrong and see how we can make it better to succeed where others have failed to address it.


    We also compile the technologies that are needed and be used for your site and plan on how to include them into the web design.

    Step 3 - Site Architecture

    Upon information gathering process is done and we have identified the use of technologies to be involved, we begin giving the structure to your new website. We call this process - 'wireframing'. The goal of wireframing is to identify the overall structure, page hierarchy, linking structure and the final website skeleton. We ensure that best practices are involved and your new design has a logical and consistent flow of architecture.


    This is by far the most critical step as during this phase is where your website starts taking shape. Focus on potential customers and their usability is being considered during this phase. The website is designed practically to keep it simpler, sleek and to ensure that potential leads can turn into paying customers.

    Step 4 - Visual Design

    During this phase, we create a visually appealing web design based on the site architecture we planned in the previous phase. Good design will make it easy for visitors to know what to do and what page to browse depending upon their respective requirement. We are able to use our resources to make a custom website design which not only looks great but is also appropriate for end users and your business.


    The main logical step is to design the homepage because homepage is always the first impression that your site will make on your customers. During this phase, we determine the fonts, overall style and colour scheme that will flow across the site. Once the homepage is designed, we present it to you for approval. We welcome your feedback to finalise the design of a homepage. Most sites go through this process to improve the overall design and meet their client's needs. We always provide expert advice if we feel that something chosen is not in the better interest of the project and corresponding business.


    Once the homepage is locked off and approved by you, we start designing internal pages for appropriate approval. Upon completion and approval, we begin the actual coding of the entire site. There is always an open dialogue and collaboration between us. Changes are made as necessary as we focus on final website design.

    Step 5 - Website Development

    Everything comes together in this final phase of the website design. Our development team brings your chosen and approved designs to life. This is where we implement all the functionalities planned from various phases and see them in action.


    Once the website development is finished, we start testing and checking the website for various cross-browser functionalities as the site should open equally good in all browsers. If the responsive web design is chosen by you, then we also ensure that the site responds as per the screen size of a various tablet and mobile devices. All the testing are done on our server and once the tests are passed and approved by you, it is then transferred to your desired web host and made live.

    You take control

    At Akvitek, we specialise in the design and building custom websites that you can control yourself. Imagine your site gone live and you are able to add or amend the content as often as you like. Being in control can make you feel like you are the driving force of your website and you can keep your website growing as your business grows, all without any extra expense to you.

    You do not need any coding knowledge. If you know how to write an email, then you can also handle your own website. It is as easy as logging in to the website, selecting the page you need to edit and type in a user-friendly text editor.

    Imagine that you are using an e-commerce website and you are able to add, edit and delete any product whenever you wish, including the photos update and amending the colours and text fonts. At Akvitek, We give you all the control.

    We always recommend adding a blog to your website, keep your customers and potential clients in the know-how of your products and services to become an authority in your niche. This will not only help your website grow, but it will also help your website rank better in search engines. Google loves the sites that are frequently updated, which expands with time and business websites that follow this simple rule are always favoured with increased rankings.

    Many business websites have an 'About' page or 'Our Team' page where you might need to add a description or amend employee details as they come and go without waiting for a third party and saving few bucks when you have the control.

    The website we make for you will always have greater flexibility with full controls provided to you from the ground up.

    Our Portfolio

    Akvitek has worked with numerous Melbourne based web design clients. Many of the sites that we have created have been highly recognised with various accolades.

    Check out our portfolio for more examples of how we continually strive for excellence.